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You will be responsible for all the work of that district. On behalf of the company of that district, you are officially given the responsibility and authority that all the city maneger you come in will be your responsibility. The company would like that from all the cities inside you, you will take the company further and further.

        All the managers and shops that come in you have to keep the motiveweight, training, and their time for the delivery man. And it will be mandatory to conduct motivational seminars and training your manager in a week, half month, month. Shop Deliver and City that you enter.

Who is capable of doing this work for you? This job is full of responsibilities. Therefore, for this, while struggling, be focused on your work, be a motivator and be able to understand others.One who has the courage to move ahead and the person who keeps the character clean.

& Education:

  1. 12th Final
  2. Graduate (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  3. M.A

Salary - This company gives you proper and according to your competence work. which is like this. According to your hard work, the company will see the work done by you every three months. And will give you a promotion accordingly.


  1. Aadhar card
  2. pancard
  3. Bank Account number
  4. Photo
  5. signature

Terms & Conditions:

  1. You will treat all managers and shop deliveries inside you with respect and respect.
  2. Any female employee who is employed in your office, will not be molested and insulted by her. And you will show a sense of good conduct towards her.
  3. You have to follow all the rules made by the company which are made for you.
  4. Will take care of and protect all and all the contents of the company.

Note:- If you are found guilty of any kind, then the company can expel you from work rights and may impose financial penalty.

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